Toasting the honor it is to do inspiring
work for our clients in visual effects,
animation, illustration and more.

Whether it be for machine gun blast visual effects, or all the delicacies of our illustrated animated paintings, you can be assured that our creation of your project will exceed your expectations.

Pamela Peak Producer of “Faces Of The Never Ending Dawn,” a World War I documentary, was amazed and thrilled by the work we did for her re-enactment scenes, saying she couldn’t believe what a huge difference our effects made for the film, and even amazed her very particular military consultants.

Additionally, clients have loved our “Animated Paintings,” celebrating their special occasion honoring a person or a cause so that the honoree feels known and appreciated. A beautiful 16 x 20 painted portrait or caricature, will be creatively "unveiled" and presented with all the magic of a Hollywood movie production.

We combine time-lapse video, character animation, illustration, visual effects and music to tell your story in a fun and unique way. This one-of-a kind unveiling production has inspired, entertained, and touched the hearts of all who have been in attendance.

Perfect for:

·  Charity Events ·  Anniversaries & Birthdays
·  Executive Recognition ·  Wedding Receptions
·  Retirement Parties ·  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs